Interested in Creating an Adaptation Clearinghouse Network?

Some of the most powerful features in the Adaptation Clearinghouse are available only in the site's networking system.

With a network, partner organizations can:

  • Tailor resource content to the interest of their target audiences;
  • Call more attention to their adaptation work;
  • Create a "mini-clearinghouse" that can be shared on any website through widgets and feeds;
  • And enable users from their network to interact more easily with resources and each other.

Requirements for establishing a network on the Adaptation Clearinghouse include the following: 1) climate adaptation must be a key part of your organization's mission; 2) any new network must add value to the Clearinghouse and its users; and 3) networks must fit within the focal areas of the Adaptation Clearinghouse.  

Professional-level networks will often require additional funding, but also allow for greater customization and content curation.  Time and resources permitting, the Georgetown Climate Center can work with you to raise funding for your project to build a mini-Clearinghouse for your group or network.

If you are interested in learning more about Adaptation Clearinghouse partnerships and whether a potential partnership is right for your organization, please contact Melissa Deas at


 Basic Network Features

(Contact us to discuss more advanced feature options and pricing.)


Share information and resources on the Adaptation Clearinghouse website.

Create a network on the Adaptation Clearinghouse with customized content that other users may join.

Create select lists of adaptation resources tailored to your network's users.

Create custom filters to deliver highly relevant information to your targeted audience that will be automatically updated as new resources are added.

Create a map to highlight geographically relevant resources.

Create a network of like-minded users.

Showcase popular resources among network members.

View a feed of recent activity by network members.

Give your users a way to share resource ratings and provide moderated feedback to help identify the best content for your targeted audience.

Create a clearinghouse on your website by sharing filtered lists of adaptation resources from the Clearinghouse that will be automatically updated.   (For example, share a list of coastal resources from California or a list of local adaptation planning guides.)

Enable users to search for resources, view search returns, and apply search filters on your website.