California EO B-52-18 - Executive Order to improve forest and community resilience to wildfire and other climate impacts

California Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-52-18 to support the state’s resilience to wildfire and other climate impacts, address extensive tree mortality, increase forests' capacity for carbon capture, and improve forest and forest fire management. Wildfires of magnitude exacerbated by drought and other climate factors are impeding the state’s efforts to mitigate GHGs - while bringing catastrophic effects onto communities, wildlife, and watershed health. The Order commits $96 million in additional state funds to: Improving Forest Management and Restoration; Providing Regulatory Relief; Reducing Barriers for Prescribed Fire; Boosting Education and Outreach to Land Owners; and for Supporting Wood Products Innovation. 

The EO calls for doubling the land actively managed through vegetation thinning, controlled fires and reforestation from 250,000 acres to 500,000 acres. New programs to help promote forest health through prescribed burning will be developed; and funding will be expanded for training and other incentives to improve watershed health and climate resilience.   

A Forest Management Task Force will be convened to help implement this order and its accompanying Forest Carbon Plan, which was finalized along with the passage of this Executive Order. 



Publication Date: May 10, 2018

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