Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy

The Institute for Sustainable Communities is a nonprofit organization specializing in helping communities, government agencies, NGOs, and businesses accomplish their environmental, economic and social goals - with a particular focus on resource efficiency, governance, and climate mitigation and adaptation. The ISC's Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy (SCLA) program is a series of intensive, peer-learning and training workshops that advance, accelerate, and scale-up urban climate and sustainability solutions. Cross-sector, multi-stakeholder teams of practitioners from 8-12 cities attend these individually tailored sessions to share best practices and learn from experts on topics such as transportation, infrastructure services, food systems, adaptation and resilience, green infrastructure, energy efficiency and skill building.

The SCLA approach consists of three interrelated and mutually supporting elements:

• To design and deliver intensive peer-learning and training workshops that create a safe and productive space for practitioners from different communities to share with, and learn from each other – as well as from a carefully selected cadre of leading experts. These workshops have served more than 1,000 practitioners from more than 300 communities and 40 states.
• To develop, and provide efficient access to, high-caliber information on the most promising practices underway and the most potentially useful tools, frameworks and resources available, offering practitioners an antidote to information overload, and a shortcut to success. This includes more than 100 carefully researched case studies on innovative local climate and sustainability solutions that illuminate success factors, lessons learned and "tricks-of-the-trade".

• To offer on-going support and direct, customized assistance to participating communities through a mix of virtual and in-person services, including the SCLA website, webinars and on-site technical and strategic assistance to help communities design solutions and overcome implementation barriers.

The “Climate Adaptation and Resilience” element of the SCLA is designed to build the capacity of communities to better assess, prepare for, manage, and respond to increasingly volatile climate variability and change. The SCLA supports the national Climate Leadership Academy on Adaptation & Resilience and regional programs in New England Municipal Sustainability Network and the Western Adaptation Alliance. 

Many climate adaptation and resilience focused resources are provided on the Academy website including presentations, videos, case studies, and tookits. Each of the SCLA Workshops are described, with all of resources resulting from the workshops made available.  




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