Rachelle Sanderson

Rachelle Sanderson

Regional Watershed Coordinator at Capital Region Planning Commission



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Greauxing Resilience at Home: A Regional Vision

June 16, 2022

Greauxing Resilience at Home: A Regional Vision is an innovative legal, planning, and policy resource to promote community resilience through housing and nature-based solutions in places where flooding, extreme weather events, and other factors are driving population changes and transitions. It was developed by Capital Region Planning Commission and Georgetown Climate Center, in collaboration with policymakers, community members, and other stakeholders in Region Seven of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative located in southeast Louisiana.

Related Organizations: Georgetown Climate Center, Capital Region Planning Commission

Authors or Affiliated Users: Katie Spidalieri, Rachelle Sanderson, Suhasini Ghosh, Annie Bennett, Katherine McCormick, Jennifer Li

Resource Category: Solutions


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