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Tidewater Rising Resiliency Design Challenge

January 2016

Wetlands Watch, Hampton University, and Old Dominion University collaborated to develop flooding resiliency designs for Chesterfield Heights, a neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. The Norfolk region has been named the 10th most at risk from sea level rise of the world’s port cities by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This design proposal emphasizes adaptation solutions that protect the region’s coastal ecosystems, as well as conducting flooding and sea level rise adaptation at the street and parcel level.

Related Organizations: Old Dominion University, Hampton University, Wetlands Watch

Authors or Affiliated Users: Skip Stiles, Mason Andrews, Mujde Erten-Unal

Resource Category: Planning


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The Challenge of Mitigating Virginia’s Flooding and Sea Level Rise Impacts

November 2014

This report outlines potential flood risk within Hampton Roads, Virginia, finding nearly $431,000,000 in pending costs to fix flood-damaged structures. The study also found that, at current rates of hazard mitigation payments from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), it would take between 78-188 years to clear a backlog of flood-damaged property needs. Given this situation, Wetlands Watch suggests using revolving loan funds to meet the sea level rise adaptation needs in coastal Virginia.

Related Organizations: Wetlands Watch

Authors or Affiliated Users: Skip Stiles, Shareen Hughes, Mary-Carson Stiff, Shannon Hulst

Resource Category: Solutions


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Homeowners' Insurance Changes in Coastal Virginia: Causes and consequences for shoreline communities

July 2013

This study reviews the extent to which the private insurance industry may influence adaptation to climate change along Virginia’s tidal shoreline through homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance is becoming more costly along the Atlantic Coast and coverage is changing, especially for wind damage. This year-long study by Wetlands Watch explored the private sector perceptions on sea level rise and climate adaptation, examines the specific drivers behind increasing insurance rates, and provides plausible adaptive actions in response to these increasing rates.

Related Organizations: Wetlands Watch

Authors or Affiliated Users: Skip Stiles, Shannon Hulst

Resource Category: Assessments


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Practical Guidance for Coastal Climate Smart Conservation Projects in the Northeast

December 15, 2011

'Practical Guidance for Coastal Climate-Smart Conservation Projects in the Northeast - Case Examples for Coastal Impoundments and Living Shorelines' is a report provided by an expert panel on coastal systems and climate change convened by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). This guidance is an initial step to provide wildlife and natural resource managers some practical tools for conserving ecosystems and critical species in current and future projects.

Related Organizations: National Wildlife Federation

Authors or Affiliated Users: Austin Kane, Karen Bennett, Karen Chytalo, Rob Hossler, Paula Jasinski, Zoe P. Johnson, Skip Stiles, Bhaskar Subramanian, Graham Taylor, John Torgan, Patty Glick

Resource Category: Planning


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