100 Resilient Cities - Resilience in Action

Resilience in Action, subtitled Early Insights into How Cities are Institutionalizing Resilience, profiles three cities – New Orleans, USA; Melbourne, Australia; and Semarang, Indonesia – for their efforts to institutionalize and mainstream resilience. Each city is a member of 100 Resilience Cities (100RC), a non-profit and global urban resilience initiative developed by the Rockefeller Foundation. The report highlights replicable best practices and lessons learned, as examples for others to utilize in developing urban resilience practices.

For 100 RC, institutionalizing city resilience means both permanently establishing the function and structure of a Chief Resilience Officer, as well as integrating and mainstreaming the concept of resilience into city services, plans and initiatives. Through the program, cities receive financial and logistical guidance for establishing the Chief Resilience Officer in City government, and in each of the cities discussed in the report, the officer has been made permanent and has been given additional resources to coordinate and implement the city’s Resilience Strategy.

The report shares three different approaches to building resilience into local policy-making:

New Orleans: brought resilience into the design, budgeting and planning of the city - adapting existing planning tools such as its zoning ordinance and its comprehensive plan to further the city’s resilience goals.

Melbourne: has mainstreamed a resilience practice by building coalitions with regional governments, and by educating and empowering key sectors to adopt and integrate resilience thinking into their work.

Semarang: took a vertical integration approach to institutionalizing resilience by engaging with its national government and ministries to embed resilience thinking into national plans and priorities.

Each case study provides more information on the design, budgeting, engagement, the flagship project institutionalizing resilience, and the key best practices learned from these institutionalizing efforts.   



Publication Date: October 17, 2016

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