A Greater LA: Climate Action Framework - Transportation and Land Use

The Transportation and Land Use section of Los Angeles County, California's Climate Action Framework (A Greater LA) identifies regional-scale priorities for the County region to reduce emissions and improve public health, air quality, and climate resilience through transportation and land use decisions. The Framework, which also contains sections for four other sectors, was developed by the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) to support more coordinated and collaborative regional policies relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The section describes the policy context in California for transportation and land use activities relating to climate change. It identifies laws and policies already in effect in California that aim to reduce tailpipe emissions through improved fuels and technology, increase vehicle electrification, and reduce vehicle miles traveled (including through integrated regional transportation, housing, and land use planning as directed by SB 375).

While much of the section focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, the Transportation and Land Use section of the Framework also includes a number of strategies and actions designed to improve resilience of the Los Angeles region, including:

  • Strategy 2.1 - Transform Los Angeles's transportation infrastructure into a system that improves climate resilience and public health.
    • Action 2.1.2 - Identify urban heat island priority areas to target efforts.
    • Action 2.1.3 - Identify and apply for co-funding opportunities to retrofit and upgrade permeable surfaces and develop new codes to encourage retrofits of privately owned surfaces.
  • Strategy 3.2 - Initiate a regional assessment and broad-based dialogue of the importance of protected lands as carbon sinks.

Publication Date: December 2016

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