Actions Likely to Increase Plant and Animal Resilience to Climate Change

The Nature Conservancy has mapped locations across California with strategic recommendations for land managers to support wildlife and plant resilience to climate change. The interactive online tool is a map of California’s Landscape Vulnerability which presents conservation actions for terrestrial species across the state. 

The recommendations are based on a vulnerability assessment of California’s lands for climate stress, adaptive constraints and landscape exposure.  Each point on the map correlates the high and low levels of these three indicators to offer climate adaptive actions. For example, in an area where adaptive constraints are high because the habitat is degraded and fragmented, but future climate stress is relatively low and the landscape provides resilience to change - the following actions are recommended:

  • Restore vegetation along riparian corridors
  • Build wildlife friendly overpasses/underpasses across roads
  • Minimize future fragmentation through land use policy and land purchases

Publication Date: 2018

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