Adaptation for Agriculture and the Food System to Climate Change: Policy Issues

This policy brief provides an overview of the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S. agriculture and food sectors, and then addresses the policy implications of these findings. This brief summarizes the findings of a longer report on the potential impacts of climate change and the potential for the U.S. agricultural sector to adapt to climate change (also by John Antle for Resources for the Future in 2009).  

The report examines existing policies and their effects on the ability of U.S. agriculture and food sectors to adapt.  The policies reviewed are presented in the categories of: agricultural subsidy and trade; insurance and disaster assistance; soil and water conservation policies and ecosystem services; environmental policies and land use; tax policies; energy policies; and greenhouse gas mitigation. 


Publication Date: February 2010

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  • John M. Antle

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  • Legal Analysis
  • Policy analysis/recommendations


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