Adaptation Toolkit for New Hampshire Communities

This adaptation toolkit is designed for New Hampshire communities assessing and planning for climate change impacts. The toolkit was developed by the Adaptation Workgroup of the New Hampshire Energy and Climate Collaborative, which has representatives from the NH Department of Fish and Game and Department of Environmental Services. 

The toolkit includes resources related to climate change and adaptation “messaging” to begin the community conversation, stories from communities actively in the process of adaptation planning, assessment guidance, planning and implementation strategies, and funding resources. 

The toolkit resources support the process for communities just getting started in adaptation planning, or for those already actively engaged.  The complete recommended process is:

  1. Research and review the state, regional and local plans and assessments for climate change mitigation (decreasing our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions) and adaptation (preparing for the impacts) that already exist.
  2. Review messaging around climate change issues (how to talk about this in your community)
  3. Engage your community in a conversation around climate change adaptation
  4. Perform assessments and evaluations of your community to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities
  5. Begin incorporating adaptation recommendations and actions into community plans (Master Plans, Hazard Mitigation Plans, Capital Improvement Plans etc.) and regulations (Zoning, etc.)
  6. Seek funding to implement and draw upon additional resources as necessary State, Regional & Local Plans


Publication Date: 2013

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  • New Hampshire Energy and Climate Collaborative


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