Adaptations to Sustain High-Quality Freshwater Supplies in Response to Climate Change

This issue brief recommends a number of actions to help create a policy environment that encourages adaptive responses in times of hydrological uncertainty.  Policy recommendations include, for example, increasing redundancy among natural and built freshwater systems to provide higher levels of functional resiliency; linking regional and national levels of data collection and modeling of hurricanes, floods, and droughts to improve long-term forecasts and proactive, adaptive responses; and additional coordination of federal and state agencies to enhance adaptive responses through long-term strategic planning of shared solutions to water scarcity.

This report also addresses the effects on freshwater supplies and quality that may be expected from climate impacts such as hurricanes, flooding, extreme storm events and drought and provides additional related policy responses and adaptations.

Publication Date: June 2010

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  • Alan P. Covich

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  • Policy analysis/recommendations


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