Adapting to Climate Change in Minnesota - Preliminary Report of the Interagency Climate Adaptation Team

In July, 2009, an Interagency Climate Adaptation Team (ICAT) began to explore the potential effects of climate change in Minnesota, and to develop an adaptation plan for the state. This high-level report, the first work product of the team, synthesizes how climate change may affect Minnesota. The report includes an inventory of past, current and proposed state agency adaptation actions for key sectors including: agriculture, energy, health, natural resources, water and transportation.

Some of the agency actions highlighted in this report include the current efforts by the Department of Public Safety to identify and integrate climate change adaptation goals and strategies into the state Hazard Mitigation Plan; efforts underway to develop a five year adaptation strategy for the Minnesota Department of Health; and the Department of Natural Resources inclusion of climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) as one of eight agency strategic priorities in their Strategic Conservation Agenda (2009).

The ICAT includes representatives from the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce (Office of Energy Security), Health, Natural Resources, Public Safety (Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management) and Transportation, and the Pollution Control Agency. The report indicates that the ICAT will begin development of a long-term strategic plan.

In a parallel effort, the University of Minnesota Water Resources Institute is facilitating communication within Minnesota’s scientific and academic communities. This effort, known as the Climate Change Adaptation Working Group, is focused on research and education. The report indicates that the ICAT will continue to coordinate activities among state departments and collaborate with the Climate Adaptation Working Group on climate adaptation research priorities.


Publication Date: August 2010

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