Adapting to Climate Change in Ontario

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts for the Province of Ontario, Canada, and proposes potential strategies to address these impacts.

As part of the Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan, an Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation was appointed by the Minister of the Environment in 2007. The Panel determined existing vulnerability and adaptive strategies to provide a basis to consider how climate-related exposures might change in the future, and how management strategies, programs and policies might be altered to better deal with future risks and opportunities in Ontario. Section 2 describes the strategic goals and specific recommendations from the Panel to inform both the development of a strategy and an action plan.  The following Strategies Goals for Government are described in detail with nearly 60 recommendations defined to meet these goals: 

Strategic Goal 1: Enhance Government Leadership Enhance provincial government capacity to take leadership in effectively assessing, reducing and managing climate change and related natural disaster risks, as well as taking advantage of beneficial opportunities.

Strategic Goal 2: Integrate Adaptation Integrate adaptation to climate change into the policies and programs of government ministries for the purpose of continuously reducing risks as well as taking advantage of beneficial opportunities resulting from climate change. 

Strategic Goal 3: Support Communities Increase efforts by communities to improve climate change resilience by providing information, training and tools to support an adaptive, risk management-based approach to the impacts of climate change.

Strategic Goal 4: Develop and Disseminate Knowledge and Tools to Manage Risk Develop and strengthen the continuous creation and communication of knowledge about adapting to climate change, reducing climate risks and taking advantage of beneficial opportunities through programs of research, monitoring, public awareness and education.

Strategic Goal 5: Collaborate with Other Governments Seek opportunities to influence and collaborate with other governments in Canada and internationally for the purpose of sharing climate change adaptation experience and developing cooperative activities.



Publication Date: November 2009

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  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change of Ontario


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  • Assessment
  • Policy analysis/recommendations

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