ADAPTool (Adaptive Design and Assessment Policy Tool)

From the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), this policy self-assessment tool is designed to help policy-makers take stock of a suite of existing policies and programs that are being implemented to help stakeholders deal with a specific stressor (i.e., changing physical climate, or market pricing shocks).  ADAPTool is a Microsoft Excel workbook-based program, and takes the policy analyst through a series of questions to: (i) better define the vulnerability of specific economic sectors to a stressor; (ii) assess the ability of a suite of programs and policies to contribute to necessary adaptation actions and stakeholder adaptive capacity; and (iii) gauge the ability of the suite of programs and policies to address unanticipated stakeholder needs.

To generate an ADAPT spreadsheet, the user can enter information directly on the IISD website.  The fields incorporated include: geographic scope, key stressors or impacts, related programs, and sectors with related vulnerabilities and adaptive actions. 


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