An Action Plan for Public Health: Initial Recommendations for Involving Public Health in Climate Change Policy

Public Health Law and Policy, a non-profit organization focused on building healthy communities in the U.S., gathered a diverse group of more than 150 participants for a multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas and strategies with the goal of better engaging public health networks and agencies in climate change work. This Action Plan presents a synthesis of those recommendations and priorities. Although developed for the state of California's public health system, the recommendations are largely applicable to any state.

The report focuses on the following goals: 1) building the infrastructure to support climate change work among public health organizations and practitioners; 2) better communicating the linkages between public health and climate change; 3) incorporating a climate change focus into existing public health and food safety and sustainability programs; 4) advocating for changes to the built environment and transportation infrastructure that also help to mitigate climate change; and 5) addressing the role of public health practitioners in the debate on economic-based solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as cap and trade models.

Publication Date: April 1, 2010

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