An Analysis of Climate Change Impacts and Options Relevant to the Department of the Interior's (DOI's) Managed Lands and Waters

In March 2007, then Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne established the Department of the Interior (DOI) Climate Change Task Force. Three subcommittees were formed to undertake the assignment. This Draft report was issued by the Land & Water Management Subcommittee to identify potential issues and challenges facing the DOI as a consequence of climate change and to suggest possible options for addressing them.

The report provides a description of 10 "adaptation issues" and 6 mitigation opportunities. Adaptation issues discussed include: water availability, water quality, increased flood risk, coastal impacts associated with sea-level rise, melting permafrost and sea ice, impacts on native peoples, outbreaks of pests, invasive species and diseases, species migration and habitat change, threatened and endangered species, and wildland fires. Following each issue, one or more adaptation options are presented for consideration by the Secretary. Criteria to support options analysis and decision making were applied, and are presented for each option.

Of key interest are the institutional and other department-wide recommendations that are presented.

These Task Force draft reports are kept in the Adapation Clearinghouse given their relevance to actions by the succeeding administration.

Publication Date: 2008

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