Boise, Idaho - Boise's Climate Action Roadmap

In 2021, the City of Boise, Idaho published Boise's Climate Action Roadmap, a plan to help the city and its communities become carbon neutral and build resilience and ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The plan includes seven categories for action that will help reach both emissions reduction and resilience goals: Buildings and Energy, Transportation, Consumption and Waste, Food Systems, Natural Environment, Water, and Innovation and Engagement. In advancing strategies within these climate action priorities, Boise will be operating under three guiding principles to advance equity, improve health and wellness, and grow a climate economy.

Boise is threatened by a range of climate change impacts, including extreme heat in the summer, reduced snowpack, variable water supply and deteriorating water quality, wildfires and air quality impacts, and more. These impacts are detailed within the overview section for Boise's goal to "Enhance community resilience and our local ability to adapt to climate change impacts."

Within the seven climate action priorities, the plan contains 23 opportunity areas that further outline the city's approach to mitigating and adapting to climate change. Some of the opportunities most relevant to adaptation and resilience include:

  • Buildings and Energy
    • Distributed Renewable Energy
  • Food Systems
    • Agriculture and Environmental Health
  • Natural Environment
    • Urban Tree Canopy
    • Healthy Ecosystems
    • Access to Open Spaces
  • Water
    • Water Conservation
    • Water Supply Resilience
    • Water Quality, Stormwater Management, and Flooding
  • Innovation and Engagement
    • Resilient Development and Infrastructure Design

For each priority area, the plan includes targets, implementation partners, and near-term and longer-term priorities. For example, within the Water category, the plan details a target to "Implement water quality, stormwater management and flood control programs to protect water resources, reduce impacts to property and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and other intended outcomes." In the near-term to further this target, the city looks to implement more green infrastructure projects and explore participation in the Community Rating System, among other actions.

Publication Date: 2021

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