Broward County, Florida Climate Change Action Plan

Developed by the Broward County Climate Change Task Force, the Climate Change Action Plan is a set of 126 recommended short, medium and long-term actions, that combined, form a coordinated countywide strategy for both mitigating and adapting to climate change. The recommendations include information on planning horizon, status of action, likely responsible County entity, potential community partners, estimated resources required, and recommended performance measures.

Priority "Focal Areas" were identified and assigned to subcommittees, such as Science and Technical (e.g. sea-level rise, climatic changes); Property and Infrastructure / Built Environment (e.g. emergency preparedness, infrastructure, insurance, planning & zoning, and water); Economic, Social, and Health; and Natural Systems. 

As it pertains to sea-level rise, and based upon the analysis of the Science and Technical sub-committee, plan recommendations assume projected ranges of 3-to-9 inches of sea-level rise from the 2000 level by the year 2030, 10-20 inches of sea level rise from the 2000 level by 2060, and 24-48 inches by the year by 2100.

Of the 126 recommendations, 65 fall into a "High" priority ranking. These 65 recommendations are represented in this report under 14 categories. Example categories include: Creating an Office of Sustainability (Sustainability / Climate Program); Amending the County Comprehensive Plan; Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation into Public Infrastructure Planning; and Improve Modeling, Monitoring and Mapping Activities.

The Broward County Climate Change Task Force was created by County Resolution No. 2008-442 (adopted on June 24, 2008).  The 25-member Commission is appointed by the County Commissioners and includes representatives from the following groups: County government, the County School Board, the Water Advisory Board, the Hospital District, the Sheriff's Office, the Water Management District, academic institutions, environmental organizations, Florida Light and Power Company, business interests, the state transportation agency, and the regional planning council.  

Publication Date: May 4, 2010

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