CA AB 3012 State Coastal Conservancy: grants: climate change projects

AB 3012 authorizes the State Coastal Conservancy to address climate change impacts on California’s coastal resources through funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address extreme weather events, sea level rise, storm surge, beach and bluff erosion, salt water intrusion, flooding, and other coastal hazards that threaten coastal communities, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Grants will be prioritized for projects that “maximize public benefits and that accomplish either of the following:

(1) Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce hazards to harbors and ports, preserve and enhance coastal wetlands and natural lands, conserve biodiversity, and provide recreational opportunities.

(2) Reduce flood risk and enhance fish and wildlife habitat, including multi-benefit projects that remove sediment where the excavated material can be used to enhance shorelines or ecosystems.”

In 2012, the Coastal Conservancy’s Climate Ready grants program was enabled by SB 1066. The Climate Ready program supports projects that use natural systems to assist coastal communities in adapting to climate change impacts. In December 2018, the Conservancy awarded 12 projects with $3.8 million total for the fifth round of Climate Ready grants. 

The 2018 Climate Ready grants were funded for the first time by state cap-and-trade proceeds - the greenhouse gas reduction fund (GGRF). In order to meet GGRF’s requirements, projects must support greenhouse gas reductions and, when feasible, include co-benefits, such as investment in disadvantaged communities.  

Publication Date: September 21, 2018

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