California Climate Change and Health Profile Reports

The CalBRACE (California Building Resilience Against Climate Effects) Project of the California Department of Public Health (DPH) developed 58 Climate Change and Health Profile Reports – one for each county in the state. The reports outline climate projections for extreme heat, sea level rise, wildfires, drought and air quality, as well as climate related health risks and indicators for social vulnerability. Adaptation strategies are outlined for each county also, to address these public health impacts.   

Climate projections are analyzed by regions of the state - as designated in the California Climate Adaptation Planning Guide. The health impacts from climate change that are discussed generally include: extreme weather-related injury, displacement and mental health; heat; drought; vector-borne illness; food insecurity; sea level rise, mold and indoor air quality; and socioeconomic disruption. 

Health status, health inequities, and population vulnerabilities are discussed in relation to each county.  Within a county’s report, certain populations are identified who are most susceptible to health risks from current and future climate change exposures. Also many of the health indicators are available at the census tract level and stratified by race/ethnicity.

Climate change adaptation strategies and actions are outlined for every county. These may include, for example: 

  • community education and engagement
  • public health workforce development
  • identification of co-benefits
  • bolstering existing functions of public health preparedness and surveillance
  • multi-sectoral partnership building


Publication Date: 2017

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  • California Department of Public Health

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