California Water Plan Update 2009 - Integrated Water Management

This 2009 update of the California Water Plan includes 4 primary reports which comprehensively incorporate the consideration of climate change: Volume 1- Strategic Plan, Volume 2 - Resource Management Strategies, Volume 3 - Regional Reports, and Volume 4 Reference Guide.

Volume 1 - Strategic Plan - contains the vision, mission, 7 goals, 10 guiding principles, 13 objectives, 115+ related actions, and 9 cross-cutting recommendations.  It describes current water conditions, challenges, and activities; future uncertainties and climate change impacts; three scenarios for 2050; and a roadmap for improving data and analytical tools needed for integrated water management and sustainability. It incorporates the provisions of the 2009 comprehensive water package legislation, as well as the companion plans of 21 State agencies into the Update 2009 strategies and implementation plan.

Volume 2 - Resource Management Strategies - describes over 30 resource management strategies, in areas such as water demand, water supply, and operational efficiency,  that can help meet various Water Plan objectives.

Volume 3 is a set of 12 regional reports. Each regional booklet includes a water balance summary, water use and water supply for years 1998 through 2005, and scenario results that project the region's water needs through year 2050 with the use of three alternative future scenarios and 12 climate change scenarios.

Volume 4 includes over 120 reference articles related to and used in preparing Update 2009, as well as a glossary of terms used throughout the other volumes. As it pertains to climate change, this Water Update Plan referenced 19 existing reports, including the 2009 California Climate Adaptation Plan and the Climate Action Team Biennial Report.

Publication Date: 2009

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