City of Tucson, Arizona 2008 Update to Water Plan: 2000-2050

Tucson, Arizona's Water Plan: 2000-2050 was issued by the City of Tucson's Water Department (Tucson Water) in 2004. In this 2008 update, the substantive issues and challenges to ensuring a secure water future remain largely the same (they are detailed in the 2004 Water Plan). However, the planning time frames within which to address these challenges have changed and are discussed in this update. This update also accounts for revised population projections that have since been developed, an increase in the city's Central Arizona Project allocation, and changed planning assumptions and priorities that evolved in the last three years.

The plan's revised priorities include a greater recognition of the potential long-term impact that climate change may have on the utility’s available water resources, and the community’s annual and seasonal demand for water. Specifically, Section Four, "Available Water Resources," discusses factors that could contribute to future shortages on the Colorado River, including effects of extended drought conditions on water availability, and potential ramifications of long-term climate change.




Publication Date: 2008

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