Cleaner, Greener Communities Program Sustainability Indicator Guidance Document

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s Cleaner Greener Communities program encourages sustainable, smart growth development throughout New York State. To assess progress toward achieving sustainability goals, this guidance document outlines indicators, data sources, and instructions to measure indicators across the following topic areas: energy, transportation, land use and livable communities, waste management, water management, economic development, climate change adaptation, governance, greenhouse gas emissions, and agriculture and forestry. For each proposed indicator, the document identifies regions within New York State for which the indicator should be measured.

Climate change adaptation related indicators include:

A: Number of Sanitary and Combined Sewer Overflows

B: Flood zones: communities participating in NFIP Community Rating System

C: The degree to which climate change and adaptation is discussed within the required Hazards Mitigation Plans (and 5-year updates)

D: Miles of transport routes, electric circuits, rail, and other critical infrastructure threatened by sea level rise (SLR) in the next 50/100 years

E: Economic value of property vulnerable to storm surges and flooding

F: SAIFI – System Average Interruption Frequency Index

G: Ratio of land conserved to land developed

H: Percentage of regional water supply governed by rule curves

I: Agricultural economic loss attributable to temperature and drought stress, and flooding

J: Number of cooling centers and ozone action programs

K: Climate Adaptation - Water resources: River estuary water quality

L: Livable communities: number of high ozone days per year

M: Agriculture: crop damage from flooding

N: Flooding: insurance premium rates OR number of flood insurance claims filed

O: Flood zone: number of people living in floodplains

P: CAIDI (Customer Average Interruption Duration Index)


Publication Date: June 7, 2013

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