Cleveland Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit

The Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit is intended to help residents of Cleveland, Ohio work in neighborhoods to take actions to advance their goals of sustainability and climate resilience, while also furthering the City’s climate action goals.

The toolkit approach to neighborhood action includes four major steps, with resources, materials and best practices to help residents with each step in their neighborhoods:

  1. Learn about Cleveland’s Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  2. Identify neighborhood assets and concerns and relate them to climate action
  3. Develop neighborhood climate action project ideas
  4. Develop a neighborhood climate action project proposal

The tools can be used to facilitate workshops, aid in decision-making, or to link climate education into existing activities (e.g., gardening, affordable housing). The toolkit can also be used simply as a resource for learning about climate change and getting more information on climate action in Greater Cleveland.

Some of the tools included are:

  • Neighborhood Climate Action Case Studies: demonstrating how climate action is improving quality of life in three Cleveland neighborhoods.
  • Climate Action Videos on the following topics:? Commercial and Industrial Leadership in Sustainability
    ? Homes and Small Businesses
    ? Clean Water, Waste Reduction and Resource Conservation
    ? Local Food
    ? Biking and Carpooling
  • Workshop Facilitator’s Guide to Develop Your Own Neighborhood Climate Action Project: providing guidelines for bringing together key stakeholders in your neighborhood to participate in a 2-hour climate action workshop.

The Toolkit is a step-wise process to support the development of a neighborhood climate action proposal - which could then be considered for a grant from the Cleveland Climate Action Fund




Publication Date: March 16, 2015

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