Climate Change and Cities: First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN)

'Climate Change and Cities: First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network' (ARC3), was the UCCRN’s first major publication, published in 2011. The ARC3 report represents a four year effort by nearly 100 authors from dozens of cities worldwide, and is the first-ever global, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, science-based assessment to address climate risks, adaptation, mitigation, and policy mechanisms relevant to cities.

The assessment presents urban climate risk frameworks and climate science for cities, and policy implications for key urban sectors - water and sanitation, energy, transportation, public health - and cross-cutting issues in land use and governance. Also included are 46 case studies from both developed and developing country cities, demonstrating best practices and lessons learned from mitigation and adaptation efforts.

The book (also available online in pdf format) focuses on urban decision-making and how to use climate science and socio-economic research to map a city’s vulnerability to climate hazards. In addition, methods are provided to determine adaptive and mitigative capacity to manage climate change over different timescales.

The volume is structured and described as useful for various levels of decision and policy makers at the local level:

• The Executive Summary is sufficient for mayors, city officials, and policymakers;

• The Urban Climate, Land Use, and Governance chapters are of interest to urban sustainability officers and urban planners;

• The Sector chapters are important for mid-level urban stakeholders in agencies charged with developing climate change mitigation and adaptation programs;

• The entire volume, including the framing Urban Climate Change in Context and the Cities, Disasters, and Climate Risk chapters, provides a broad spectrum of vulnerability and adaptation knowledge to researchers, professors, and advanced students.


Publication Date: 2011

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