Climate Change and Interacting Stressors: Implications for Coral Reef Management in the American Samoa

This report focuses on the reefs of American Samoa as a case study for how managers can approach assessments of reef vulnerabilities to climate change and interacting stressors, identification of adaptive management strategies in response, and integration of management options with existing protocol.

It provides a synthesis of information on the interactive effects of climate change and other stressors on the reefs of American Samoa. Chapter 5 provides priority management strategies for coping with the vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change and identifies where these strategies may be readily integrated into existing and future decision-making opportunities as well as potential management responses.

The purpose of this report is to provide the coral reef managers of American Samoa, as well as other coral reef managers in the Pacific region, with some management options to help enhance the capacity of local coral reefs to resist the negative effects of climate change.


Publication Date: June 2007

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