Climate Change and The Economy: Expected Impacts and Their Implications

A series of climate change impact studies was undertaken by researchers at universities around the U.S. to evaluate economic costs related to particular climate-sensitive resources. This publication assembles six of these studies, with a focus on water resources in New Mexico; forests in Tennessee, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming; infrastructure in Alaska; and coastlines in Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

Key findings are that climate change will have wide-ranging impacts on resources that affect Americans, and the economic costs of these impacts will be significant. The greater the warming, the larger the costs. "It is essential to consider the economic costs of both action and inaction. While much of the current conversation in the policy arena revolves around the potential economic costs of actions to reduce heat-trapping emissions, relatively little attention is being paid to the much larger economic costs of unmitigated climate change."

Publication Date: October 27, 2009

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