Climate Change and the Puget Sound: Building the Legal Framework for Adaptation

'Climate Change and the Puget Sound: Building a Legal Framework for Adaptation,' from the Center for Progressive Reform, identifies both foundational principles and specific strategies for climate change adaptation across the Puget Sound Basin.  This manual provides an analysis of adaptation options within the existing legal and regulatory framework in Washington state.

In 2009, the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) released a detailed report on the impacts of climate change across the state. Employing CIG’s scientific findings, this manual constructs a legal framework to enable policymakers in the Puget Sound Basin to identify and adopt environmentally protective and socially equitable adaptation strategies. The recommendations in the report focus on how existing laws can be applied and made more robust to include climate change adaptation, rather than anticipating new legislation. The report offers key principles for selecting adaptation strategies, selected examples of how existing law enables or disrupts adaptation, and new proposals to enable adaptation to climate change.

In addition to more general governance structures and processes, the report also makes specific recommendations for state agencies, the state's legislature, and local governments, to address impacts such as changes to the hydrologic cycle, sea-level rise, increased temperatures, and extreme weather events.


Publication Date: June 2011

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Robert L. Glicksman
  • Catherine O’Neill
  • Yee Huang
  • William L. Andreen
  • Robin Kundis Craig
  • Victor B. Flatt
  • William Funk
  • Dale Goble
  • Alice Kaswan
  • Robert R.M. Verchick

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  • Center for Progressive Reform


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  • Case study
  • Legal Analysis

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