Climate Change Hits Home: Adaptation Strategies for the San Francisco Bay Area

This San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) report describes the expected impacts of climate change in the Bay Area and recommends planning strategies for local governments and other agencies to adapt to these threats.

To develop this report, SPUR convened a climate change adaptation task force in May 2009 that met for nine months and included different agency and utility stakeholders in San Francisco and the Bay Area, along with engineering, planning and environmental experts. They also conducted focused workshops throughout 2010 to vet strategies and recommendations.  This report first presents an overview of the major climate threats to the region and then follows with vulnerability concerns and suggested strategies for local government planning in six areas: public safety and health, transportation, energy, ecosystems and biodiversity, water management and sea level rise.

The report concludes with an action plan, outlining more than 30 strategies for local and regional agencies (e.g. for BCDC, Coastal Commission, MTC) to begin minimizing the region’s vulnerabilities to these long-term, potentially catastrophic effects.

Publication Date: May 2011

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