Climate Change in Coastal Areas in Florida: Sea Level Rise Estimation and Economic Analysis to Year 2080

In this report the results of downscaled modeling efforts of the effect of sea level rise on six coastal counties in Florida are presented, including: Dade, Dixie, Duval, Escambia, Monroe and Wakulla counties. Additionally, assessments of  the potential economic impacts that this phenomenon could have are presented. Using representative storms, estimates are provided of the damage that could be inflicted from storm surge and flooding, both of which will become more intense and more frequent as a consequence of climate change. The value of the land that will be affected by these intensified events was used to provide the basis for the  economic assessment.

This is the scientific assessment report that supports the synthesized brief "Climate Change in Coastal Florida - Economic Impacts of Sea-Level Rise," published by the National Commission on Energy Policy (see separate entry).

Publication Date: August 2008

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  • Julie Harrington
  • Todd L. Walton

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  • Florida State University


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  • Assessment
  • Scenario planning

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