Climate Change in the Casco Bay Watershed

This report from the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership describes how the climate of Maine's Casco Bay watershed has changed over the past century and how the future climate of the region is likely to be affected by greenhouse gas emissions.

The research results presented in this report describe the changes in climate that have already occurred over the past century and the changes that might be expected over the coming century. Section II shows how the climate across the Casco Bay Region has changed over the past century using a number of different indicators that include annual and seasonal temperature, precipitation, extreme precipitation events, ice-out dates, snowfall and snowcover, sea surface temperatures, and sea level rise.

Section III describes: (1) how climate model simulations are downscaled using a state-of-the-art asynchronous statistical regression method based on long-term daily observations at those sites; (2) discusses how average and extreme temperatures are likely to be affected by climate change in the near future (2010- 2039), by mid-century (2040-2069) and towards the end of the century (2070-2099) relative to a historical baseline of 1970-1999; (3) describes projected changes in annual and seasonal rain and snow, as well as heavy rainfall events, for those same future time periods; and (4) describes the potential impacts of increased coastal flooding as sea levels continue to rise.

Finally, Section IV concludes with a discussion of the implications of climate change for the future.




Publication Date: December 2009

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Cameron Wake
  • Elizabeth Burakowski
  • Katherine Hayhoe
  • Chris Watson
  • Ellen Douglas
  • Jeff Van Dorn
  • Vaishali Naik
  • Clare Keating

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  • Casco Bay Estuary Partnership


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  • Assessment

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