Climate Change Planning for the Great Plains: Wildlife vulnerability assessment and recommendations for land and grazing management

The result of a project by the Wildlife Conservation Society for the Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GP LCC), this report highlights results from a vulnerability assessment of grassland dependent wildlife in the GP LCC geography, with a focus on the species of concern listed in the wildlife action plans of the states within the GP LCC. The assessment team utilized the NatureServe Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI) tool in conducting the assessment (see separate entry for this tool). The report also discusses a climate change adaptation planning workshop the team conducted with grassland species experts. Recommended management and conservation actions are included in the report (see Appendix 5 for detailed recommendations), as are research and monitoring needs, and draft outreach materials.

(GPLCC) is a group of science, management, and conservation partners. The GP LCC conducts applied science and makes information accessible to on-the-ground the managers and helps decision makers better understand how to approach landscape-scale management in light of stressors such as climate change.

Publication Date: September 2010

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  • Steve Zack
  • Kevin Ellison
  • Molly Cross
  • Erika Rowland

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  • Assessment

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