Climate Change: The Public Health Response

This article from the American Journal of Public Health (March 2008, Vol. 98, No. 3) outlines a public health approach to climate change, based on the 10 essential public health services.  This approach would extend to both clinical and population health services and emphasize the coordination of government agencies (federal, state, and local), academia, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations.

The article includes charts depicting the various impacts of climate change and their anticipated health effects, populations most vulnerable, additional health related problems, adaptation measures and sources for data and surveillance. Policy recommendations for each of the ten essential service areas are discussed.

Publication Date: March 2008

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Howard Frumkin
  • Jeremy J. Hess
  • George Luber
  • Josephine Malilay
  • Michael McGeehin


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Resource Types:

  • Best practice
  • Policy analysis/recommendations


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