Climate Framework for Delaware

The Climate Framework for Delaware, released by Governor Jack Markell on March 2, 2015, details the state’s plans for reducing carbon pollution and preparing for the future impacts of climate change. Summarizing the recommendations from the three workgroups formed under Delaware Executive Order 41- Mitigation, Adaptation, and Flood Avoidance - the Framework describes the actions that state agencies have already taken to mitigate emissions and adapt to impacts, and outlines recommendations for future actions on both fronts.

On adapting to future impacts, the Framework discusses the climate threats facing Delaware including increasing temperatures, more frequent heat waves, and increased flooding and erosion from extreme precipitation and sea-level rise. 150 recommendations are provided for actions the state can take to address impacts to public health and safety, and infrastructure. The Framework also articulates new “flood avoidance design guidance,” which requires the consideration of sea-level rise in the design and siting of state-funded projects.

The Framework includes recommendations for preparing the state for impacts across a range of sectors: agriculture, public health, emergency response, and infrastructure. The recommendations include actions that state agencies and departments can take now with existing authorities, and actions that will require additional funding, legislation, or input from outside stakeholders.

The adaptation recommendations are organized by each of the 12 state agencies and departments that will be responsible for implementation. 

The Framework was developed pursuant to Executive Order 41 “Preparing Delaware for Emerging Climate Impacts and Seizing Economic Opportunities from Reducing Emissions,” signed on Sep. 12, 2013, which called for the creation of a cabinet-level committee (the Cabinet Committee on Climate and Resiliency or CCoCAR) to oversee the development of recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the state’s resilience to climate change, and reduce flood risks due to sea-level rise.

Under Executive Order 41, an Adaptation Workgroup was formed with representatives from 11 state agencies and departments to “develop agency-specific, actionable recommendations for improving Delaware’s preparedness and resilience to climate impacts.” The adaptation recommendations were approved by CCoCAR in December 2014 for this Framework. 

Publication Date: March 2, 2015

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