Climate Prediction Center .25x.25 Daily U.S. Unified Precipitation

This data set is part of products suite from the CPC Unified Precipitation Project that are underway at NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC). The primary goal of the project is to create a suite of unified precipitation products with consistent quantity and improved quality by combining all information sources available at CPC and by taking advantage of the optimal interpolation (OI) objective analysis technique. The gauge analysis here covers the Conterminous United States on a fine-resolution and is quantitatively consistent with that covering the global land on a coarser resolution. See their CPC's data docs for more details.

Landmask is such that actual data resides between 20N-49.5N (lat grids 1-118) and 233.75E to 292.75 (lon grids 56-292). The PSD files are stored using the landmask to mask out areas that aren't land.

Values are for over the continental US. Data is daily from 1948-2006. Values are accumulated from 12z of the day before to 12z of the day (with no missing grids). A land-sea mask is supplied.

Real Time data is available for 2007 to present. The is not produced exactly the same way as the data before 1999.


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