Climate Resilience Data Challenge - NASA, USGS funding

In December 2014, NASA in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) offered more than $35,000 in prizes to citizen scientists for ideas that make use of climate data to address vulnerabilities faced by the United States in coping with climate change. The Climate Resilience Data Challenge was conducted through the NASA Tournament Lab, a partnership with Harvard University hosted on Appirio/Topcoder. This funding opportunity was open until March 2015. 

The challenge supports the efforts of the White House Climate Data Initiative, a broad effort to leverage the federal government’s extensive, freely available climate-relevant data resources to spur innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship in order to advance awareness of and preparedness for the impacts of climate change.

The challenge begins with an ideation stage for data-driven application pitches, followed by storyboarding and, finally, prototyping of concepts with the greatest potential.

The ideation stage challenges competitors to imagine new applications of climate data to address climate vulnerabilities. This stage is divided into three competitive classes based on data sources: NASA data, federal data from agencies such as the USGS, and any open data. The storyboarding stage allows competitors to conceptualize and design the best ideas, followed by the prototyping stage, which carry the best ideas into implementation.

NASA explains on the project website that “This ideation challenge is designed to understand what data infrastructure you need and how you would use that infrastructure to create impactful products. What would you do if you didn’t need to download code or data from NASA or USGS, but simply invoked functions over the web instead? What kind of applications would that unlock? Which data sources would you use?”



Publication Date: December 15, 2014

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