Coastal and Estuarine Observing in North Carolina - Integrating Observations and Science to Understand our Coastal Environment

This white paper recognizes North Carolina’s estuaries and coastal ocean as ecologically diverse and economically important systems for the state.  Observing the state's coastal and estuary environments is discussed in relation to protecting human lives, climate change impacts, and sustaining healthy coastal ecosystems. 

The report provides a summary of the current understanding of past, present, and potential future patterns of climate change in coastal North Carolina. Potential impacts of climate change and how these impacts can be better understood by creating observing stations in North Carolina’s estuaries and coastal waters is discussed.  Also, a case study on water resource management in response to climate change is included.

Publication Date: June 2009

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  • Lynn Leonard
  • Jennifer Dorton
  • Stephen Culver
  • Robert Christian

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  • Case study
  • Policy analysis/recommendations

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