Community Resilience Building Workshop and Guide

The Community Resilience Building Workshop is a hands-on “community driven” process to improve local level resilience to natural and climate-related hazards such as extreme storms, inland flooding, sea level rise and heat waves.  

The Workshop’s central objectives are to:

• define extreme weather and natural and climate-related hazards,
• identify existing and future vulnerabilities and strengths,
• develop and prioritize actions for the community and broader stakeholder networks, and
• identify opportunities for the community to advance actions to reduce risks and build resilience.

The Community Resilience Building Workshop Guide illustrates the essentials of the workshop process as well as the before and after workshop considerations to help ensure immediate goals, outcomes, and strategic direction are realized within the community.

In characterizing community hazards, workshop participants come to an agreement on the four most significant hazards for subsequent facilitated discussions on vulnerabilities and strengths of the community’s infrastructure, societal and environmental assets. 

A Risk Matrix is developed over the course of the workshop to capture the community’s top four hazards, vulnerabilities, strengths, and actions. The Risk Matrix and step by step instructions are included in the guide. Ultimately, the matrix is intended to provide the information necessary to develop strategies, inform community plans, and advance actions to lessen hazard impacts and build resilience.


Facilitated by the Nature Conservancy, the Community Resilience Building Workshop was conducted in more than 35 communities over the last decade. Summary of Findings reports are available for 4 of them in Connecticut including Bridgeport, Waterford, Madison and Stamford.  The reports review the top hazards and vulnerabilities, as well as the top recommendations to improve resilience to climate hazards, for each locale.  



Publication Date: February 2016

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  • Adam W. Whelchel

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