Confronting Climate Change: An Early Analysis of Water and Wastewater Adaptation Costs

This analysis is an economic assessment with three objectives: 1) To characterize the impacts of climate change on drinking water and wastewater services in the United States through 2050, based on greenhouse gas scenarios and regional projections of climate change effects; 2) To help policy makers and the water and wastewater sector begin to understand the challenges of ensuring that reliable water and wastewater services continue to be available in the face of a changing climate; and 3) To provide early cost estimates so that policies can be developed that address these challenges and planning by utilities can begin.

Analysis and cost estimates are synthesized by U.S. region, with adaptation strategies outlined for both Drinking Water and Wastewater systems. The bulk of the report is the data methods section (Appendix C) which outlines the Climate Data modeling assumptions and cost calculation results for Runoff, Streamflow, Sea-Level Rise, Drinking Water and Waste Water. Appendix D provides a listing of additional data and research needs.

Publication Date: October 2009

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