Conserving Coastal Wetlands for Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Part of NOAA's Digital Coast project, the Conserving Coastal Wetlands focus area is designed to help communities identify the value and vulnerability of coastal wetlands in the face of sea level rise, and to prioritize wetland conservation efforts that incorporate sea level rise considerations.

Information and resources are organized into 5 stages: understanding why wetlands are valuable in protecting communities from sea level rise, identifying coastal vulnerabilities to sea level rise including inundation mapping and wetland mapping and migration scenarios, prioritizing areas for protection, engaging stakeholders, and case studies. For each of these 5 stages, explanations and guidance are provided with links to the specific resources available from Digital Coast to support that step in the process, making this a user-friendly way to support assessments and planning for sea level rise.

The data, tools, and other information within Digital Coast can be used to address one of the five partner-priority issues of coastal conservation, hazards, land use, marine planning, and water quality. This site provides the context and guidance for connecting the resources in the Digital Coast to the needs of coastal managers.

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