Conveying the Human Implications of Climate Change: A Climate Change Communication Primer for Public Health Professionals

This primer was developed to help public health professionals communicate the health implications of climate change to the public, for policy makers, and for other professionals whose work is - or will be - affected by climate change. The report addresses how to "get the message right" on the climate change implications for public health, and how to get the message out. 

The primer is organized into three sections so as to answer the following questions:

1) Why should public health professionals communicate about climate change?
2) With whom should public health professionals communicate about climate change?
3) How should public health professionals communicate so as to be most effective?

Many communities across the U.S. are already experiencing the negative health effects associated with climate change. This document does not attempt to provide a comprehensive review of the human health implications of climate change. Rather, it seeks to introduce the public health voice into public dialogue to help communities understand the issue, thereby promoting more thoughtful engagement in, and decision making about, climate change.

Publication Date: 2011

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  • Edward Maibach
  • Matthew Nisbet
  • Melinda Weathers

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  • Communication

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