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The Digital Coast is a collaborative effort of organizations committed to providing data and information, tools, and training resources to help address timely coastal issues - including land use, coastal conservation, hazards, marine spatial planning, and climate change. NOAA's Coastal Services Center is maintaining the Digital Coast website which provides access to all the resources being developed and contributed by academic institutions, public and private sector entities. This curated collection of coastal and ocean data and tools are directed at decision makers, practitioners, and technicians. 

Digital Coast offers a variety of resources that can be found by accessing the following areas on the site: 

  • Topics - This section provides quick links to the top Digital Coast holdings communities use to address common coastal management issues.
  • Stories from the Field - See how communities throughout the coastal zone use Digital Coast products.
  • Digital Coast in Your State - These reports showcase usage statistics and top products for each state. The Return on Investment report is also helpful. Digital Coast costs are compared to the efficiencies gained by the user community.
  • Top Products - Top data sets include lidar, economic, and land cover data. The most used tools include the Sea Level Rise Viewer and Land Cover Atlas.

While website content is provided by numerous organizations, all content must meet the site's quality and applicability standards. The tools provided on the site support coastal decision-making by transforming Digital Coast data into information tailored for specific issues. Some tools are web-based, providing direct online analysis and viewing, while others are downloadable extensions that provide new functionality for desktop geographic information systems.

The Digital Coast Academy, available on the website, offers more than a dozen instructor-led training courses for both classroom and online delivery. There are also self-guided resources offered such as online modules, case studies and videos that coastal managers can use on-demand to quickly build technical skills and capacity. 


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