EC PREPARED Enabling Change Project

The European Commission (EC) supported the Collaborative project "PREPARED Enabling Change" (PREPARED), which worked with a group of European urban water utilities to develop strategies to address potential climate change impacts on the water and sanitation sectors.

PREPARED addressed the challenges faced by the water sector in adapting to climate change. PREPARED developed adaptation technologies and decision-support tools based on real-time management that allowed a quick response to extreme events, damage prevention, and limitation of disturbances in the urban water cycle. In addition, PREPARED worked with utilities to include uncertain impacts of climate change scenarios in day-to-day utility management and in the decision making process on investment strategies.

The project linked comprehensive research with development programs in water and sanitation utilities. The ultimate objective was environmentally-based rehabilitation and investment programs for these sectors. Lessons learned from the project will be used to plan rehabilitation programs in the participating cities and the be shared with other water sector actors. The project implementation started in February 2010 and ended in January 2014.

PREPARED's webpage provides access to related publications, especially pilot projects implemented in participating cities. These studies include analyses of grey water management in Istanbul, wastewater treatment capacity in Oslo, and developing an urban risk management plan for Barcelona. The webpage also links to the Adaptation Initiatives Matrix (AIM), a tool which allows users to browse a global database of adaptation initiatives for water utilities.

The PREPARED project originated from the Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas working group, part of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP). WSSTP is a platform developed by the EC in 2004 to enhance competitiveness of the European water sector, solve European water problems, and contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


Publication Date: February 2010

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