Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Tennessee

From the Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER) at the University of Maryland, this report investigates the economic impacts of climate change in Tennessee. The key economic sectors most likely to be affected by climate change are addressed, along with the main impacts to be expected for these sectors. The assessment provides examples of the direct economic impacts and of the additional related, or ripple, economic effects on the state. The report also identifies specific data gaps and research needs for further understanding of the continual economic impacts.

The study finds that the two industries most affected by impending climate change in Tennessee will be forestry and agriculture. Other sectors that could be impacted include water resources and quality, hunting, infrastructure, and public health. The research indicates that the service sector will experience impacts to the extent that energy and water supply are affected by climate, and other parts of the economy will experience losses in productivity, revenue or employment. 

Publication Date: September 2008

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Daria Karetinkov
  • Janine Fisler
  • Sean Williamson
  • Brendan Bell
  • Matthias Ruth
  • Kim Ross
  • Daraius Irani

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  • Assessment

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