Effects of Climate Change on Florida's Ocean and Coastal Resources

The Florida Oceans and Coastal Council prepared this report in 2009 to provide a foundation for future discussions of the effects of global climate change on Florida's ocean and coastal resources, and to inform Floridians about the current state of scientific knowledge regarding climate change. The report provides a high-level overview of the impacts to infrastructure, human health and the economy, as well as key drivers such as increasing air temperatures, warming ocean temperatures, and sea level rise. For each driver, effects such as altered severity and frequency of hurricanes and precipitation patterns, are discussed in terms of probable and possible outcomes.  Research priorities for the Council that support the impacts and effects identified are outlined.

The report is meant to provide important and easy to understand information for legislators, policymakers, governmental agencies, and members of the public who are working to address, or who are interested in, issues related to climate change in Florida.

Publication Date: June 2009

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  • Florida Oceans and Coastal Council


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