FIT Virtual Climate Adaptation Library

The Virtual Climate Adaptation Library, provided by the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), is a free online database built to foster advances in adaptation planning for sea level rise. FIT's goal for the virtual library is to maintain and expand cloud computing archives on planning and adaptation for coastal change at local through international scales.  Over 650 reports and articles are within 13 regional directories and more than 80 subdirectories.  English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, French and Arabic information is currently represented.

Regional directories pertinent to the U.S. include Florida, East Coast, Gulf Coast, West Coast and Hawaii, as well as national resources for the U.S. The subdirectories for each of these regions sort the related resources by the region or states within the region. Directories and subdirectories are also provided for other countries world-wide.

Entries include a title and date only.  Many of the publications are mitigation- not adaptation-related.



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