Flowing Foward: Freshwater ecosystem adaptation to climate change in water resources management and biodiversity conservation

At the request of the World Bank the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) developed this report to provide guiding principles, processes, and methodologies for incorporating climate change impacts into analytical framework for evaluating water sector projects, with a particular emphasis on impacts on freshwater ecosystems. It was developed for use by the World Bank, however, much of the content is valuable for U.S. resource managers as well.

The primary objectives of this report are to broaden the understanding of climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems, and to recommend a structured approach (policy and operational guidance) for factoring the ecosystem implications of climate adaptation into integrated water resources planning, design, and operational decisions, as well as biodiversity conservation programs.

This report provides a detailed methodology for undertaking vulnerability and risk assessments for freshwater ecosystems. Also, a number of case studies were undertaken for the report, and a synthesis of the main findings of these studies is included. In addition the report provides specific recommendations for integrating adaptation responses into project and program lending.




Publication Date: August 2010

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Tom Le Quesne
  • John H. Matthews
  • Constantin Von der Heyden
  • A.J. Wickel
  • Rob Wilby
  • Joerg Hartmann
  • Guy Pegram
  • Elizabeth Kistin
  • Geoffrey Blate
  • Glauco Kimura de Freitas
  • Eliot Levine
  • Carla Guthrie
  • Catherine McSweeney
  • Nikolai Sindorf

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