Game of Floods

The County of Marin, California's “Game of Floods” is an interactive game on sea level rise climate adaptation for Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area. The game is a model for public engagement and education on coastal adaptation - with information on climate impacts and adaptation options, encouraging discussions on the benefits and tradeoffs of adaptation measures. 

This small group activity allows participants to prepare “Marin Island 2050,” a hypothetical landscape that highlights the conditions that will be experienced in Marin in coming years for sea level rise and increased storm impacts. Players consider the potential loss or deterioration of homes, community facilities, roads, agricultural land, beaches, wetlands, lagoons, and other resources. Players are faced with a range of sea level rise scenarios, and must assess different adaptation options for efficacy, environmental effects, and cost. The game encourages participants to consider green infrastructure alternatives to traditional levees and sea walls. 

Participants finish the game by forming and discussing strategies, which are then used to form a collaborative adaptation plan. The game instructs participants to consider several factors in the proposal:

  • Costs/funding;
  • Private property impacts;
  • Environmental impacts; and
  • Equity/social justice concerns.

The County designed the game to be able to represent any Bay Area community, and can provide the board and materials to any local jurisdiction, non-profit, or other group.  


Publication Date: May 2015

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  • Marin County Community Development Agency


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User Comments:

  • July 14, 2017
    Meredith Herr, Deputy Director at Climate Access

    A great example of interactive scenario planning and citizen engagement around sea level rise impacts and solutions.