Gulf Coast Governors' Action Plan II: For Healthy and Resilient Coasts (2009-2014)

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance, a network of federal agencies and Gulf Coast state agencies, resource managers and planners, prepared this 5-year regional plan for action that addresses several climate related issues facing the Gulf. The plan addresses four distinct challenges: 1) the need to maintain healthy Gulf Coast economies while using coastal resources sustainably; 2) the imperative of improving the health of Gulf ecosystems; 3) adapting to sea-level rise; and 4) mitigating the effects of decreased water quality.

The plan outlines several long-term goals for the Gulf Coast states and their communities: 1) coastal managers themselves should work to increase resilience to coastal hazards; 2) they should incorporate methods of reducing risk into plans and designs; 3) public understanding of coastal hazards needs to be improved; and 4) the need to encourage localities and private entities to adopt risk mitigation strategies.




Publication Date: 2009

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