Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan

The City of Austin, Texas adopted the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan in 2012 and established “sustainability” as the central policy direction of the 30-year plan. Austin recognizes the impacts of climate change, and has incorporated broad climate adaptation planning goals along with many other sustainability, conservation, and green infrastructure focused strategies into this plan.

The comprehensive plan is holistic in its consideration of livability, sustainability, and complete communities. In addition to planning for land use, transportation, and other infrastructure issues, it considers the provision of services, economic development, cultural needs, public health, resource efficiency, and equity. The plan provides a framework for how the physical, economic, and social pieces of the city and the region interconnect.

Imagine Austin includes the following strategies addressing climate adaptation:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the city and its residents by implementing Austin’s climate protection plan and developing strategies to adapt to the projected impacts of climate change; and to
  • Plan for and adapt to increased drought, severe weather, and other potential impacts of climate change on the water supply.

The plan also has strategies focused on the implementation of green infrastructure:

  • Expand the city’s green infrastructure network to include such elements as preserves and parks, trails, stream corridors, green streets, greenways, and agricultural lands.
  • Maintain and increase Austin’s urban forest as a key component of the green infrastructure network.
  • Integrate development with the natural environment through green building and site planning practices such as tree preservation and reduced impervious coverage and regulations.

Chapter Five: Implementation and Measuring Success addresses how Imagine Austin’s vision and framework will be implemented. It describes the plan’s eight priority action programs, provides guidance for decision-making, and defines the ongoing process that will be used to monitor implementation progress.

Image Austin’s eight priority programs are to:

  1. Invest in a compact and connected Austin
  2. Sustainably manage water resources
  3. Continue to grow Austin’s economy by investing in workforce, education systems, entrepreneurs, and local businesses
  4. Use green infrastructure to protect environmentally sensitive areas and integrate nature into the city
  5. Grow and invest in Austin’s creative economy
  6. Develop and maintain household affordability throughout Austin
  7. Create a Healthy Austin Program
  8. Revise Austin’s development regulations and processes to promote a compact and connected city





Publication Date: June 15, 2012

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